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  • Understand the construction process and don’t get taken advantage of

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I don’t want to be your architect, ever.

What I do want is to help you work effectively with the architect you choose to work with,and get the best work possible from the firm you’ve chosen for your church project.

I don’t want to be your project manager, ever.

What I do want is to help you be the best project manager you can be, and deliver your church project completed successfully.


I don’t want to be your construction manager, ever.

What I do want is for you to understand the construction process, and not be taken advantage of by it.

I don’t want to oversee your bidding process, ever.

What I do want is for you to to understand the bidding process, and to insure that you get the most qualified bidders in the marketplace to bid on your church project, making sure you get the best price possible.


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